Classes April 14th to 17th 2022
Inperson Classes & Concert


We are grateful for your support in attending this years conference. We have been notified that payment for your class purchases via your credit card was not charged to your card.
Marie is asking in honesty that you re submit your payment through the website conference page registration process here with the proper amount of class that you attended.
A glitch in the system prevent the transaction from taking place. Your  moral support to complete this ask is much appreciated and will be recognized .
MKSAD staff

Maimouna Keita School of African Dance
will host its 30th Annual Conference and Concert
on April 14 thru 17 2022 

The 4- day conference will host dance facilitators, from Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Congo, Cuba, Liberia and US contemporary, who will provide detailed instruction in traditional dance, accompanied by live musicians laced with culture relevance.

In addition, Maimouna Keita School of African Dance performing company will entertain, educate, and engage audiences with a hallmark performance, guaranteed to enthrall viewers.

Choreographed by the artistic director, the renown and respected, Marie Basse Wiles.

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We have secured the reservations for the Hotel Sheraton Brooklyn 228 Duffield St Brooklyn, NY.
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Again, thank you for your support.
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$22 advance/ $22 @ the door

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$30 advance/$35 day of the show

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$25 to put your name and congratulations to MKSAD
$75  for half page and to promote your company event
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All Classes will take place at:

Sheraton Hotel

228 Duffield Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
Concert will take place at: